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Recycle Electronics

Don't Waste, Re-Place

Give a new home to your old electronics. Here at Fonepro we want to make an impact on the world around us, which is why we recycle as much as possible. Get rid of unused/damaged electronics and well try our best to recycle. Simply pack your electronics and post them to our address and well deal with the rest. 

Less waste = Better for the environment

The Environmentally Friendly Way to Dispose of your Surplus Electronics

Fonepro has a circular business model. By using us to securely process your used  electronics instead of sending it to landfill, you will help to keep quality technology in use. We will try to bring life to your old device and give it to those who need it most.

At Fonepro, every piece of IT equipment that comes through our doors is refurbished, repaired or upgraded wherever possible. This reduces waste and guarantees excellent performance. We are flexible in our approach and can manage the entire lifecycle of your electronics when possible.

Recycling Logo

Why we do what we do

The tech industry is responsible for staggering amounts of electronic waste (e-waste). From the unsustainable Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) that electronics are  manufactured with, to regular replacements of equipment, and disposing of devices before their end of life… There are many unsustainable practices happening in the the Tech sector. Currently over 50 million tonnes of devices are sent to landfill every year, and this number expected to rise dramatically by 2050.

Ship To:


5 Effingham Street


S65 1AJ

South Yorkshire

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