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Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. S21: Comparing these new 5G phones

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series, you may be wondering if it's time to upgrade to a shiny new device or just stick with the Samsung phone you know and love. Here are the key differences between the S22 & S21 series

Like the S21, the new S22 series features three 5G phones: the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. We'll take a look at what's new for 2022, diving into features like design, display, price, performance, and other specs—and how they can help you make the most of UK's largest and fastest 5G Networks.

Galaxy S21 vs. S22 series performance

The new year brings new upgrades in performance, with each S22 phone boasting Qualcomm's most advanced 5G platform ever—the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It delivers speeds up to 10 Gbps, as well as Wi-Fi 6 & 6E with multi-gig speeds, even with multiple devices on one network. Pair that with UK's growing 5G Capacity and you've unleashed a world of possibilities when it comes to amped-up performance, super-fast download and upload speeds, not to mention more 5G bars in more places.

As for storage, there are no major changes for the S22 and S22+ devices, which feature with your choice of 128GB or 256GB. The S22 Ultra also remains the same, with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB as options.

Galaxy S22 vs. S21 series design & display

In terms of overall style, the Galaxy S22 series with its triple-camera block has stayed largely unchanged—at least for two of the three models. The standard S22 and S22+ now have slightly thinner, lighter, and more compact designs—with the S22 display now 6.1 vs. 6.2 inches, and the S22+ now 6.6 vs. 6.7 inches.

The biggest overall change comes with the S22 Ultra, which is now a Note-style phone with built-in S Pen stylus. The previous model was only S Pen compatible. It boasts a curved 6.8-inch Edge QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and, while the screen size is unchanged, the S Pen is a tangible gamechanger indeed—giving you exciting new ways to work, play, multitask, and create on the go.

As for colour, the S21 series offered six basic colour options, depending on the model—black, white, silver, grey, violet, and pink. The Galaxy S22 series has five basic colour options also depending on the model— black, white, green, burgundy, and pink-gold.

Galaxy S22 vs. S21 series batteries

With the reduction in size of the S22 and S22+ comes a reduction in battery size, as well. The standard S22 now features a 3700mAh vs. 4000mAh battery, while the S22+ has a 4500mAh vs. 4800mAh battery. The S22 Ultra remains the same at 5000mAh. All still come equipped with the wireless PowerShare feature, which allows you to share battery power between two compatible devices.

Just like its predecessor, the S22 series does not include a charger in the box.

Galaxy S22 vs. S21 series cameras

While the triple-camera setups on the S22 and S22+ may look the same as the S21 versions, they come with an upgrade. The front camera and ultra-wide sensors remain unchanged, but the main (wide) cameras on the S22 and S22+ now have a 50Mp sensor—versus the previous 10Mp— and up to 30X digital zoom. These changes will translate to better lighting capabilities and clearer long-range photos.

The cameras on the S22 Ultra stay the same as those on the S21—108MP wide lens with 100X Space Zoom capabilities, 40Mp front-facing, 12Mp ultra-wide, and 10Mp telephoto sensors—delivering bright, detailed photographs and crystal-clear 8K videos.


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